Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I've changed.

I don't seem to have the same spark that gave me the power that I used to posses back in first session of uni. Perhaps everything seemed very new to me back then and I had no idea of what was ahead of me. I took risks and took on adventures, like a little child exploring a new backyard. Heck, I fell in love, got fined, hurt myself, got sick and got drunk. I was very wild and happy back then.

And it was great! I met a lot of people and have made heaps of friends.
But when the session ended, everyone left college and I had to stay.
A whole month and a half on my own.

It was boring, and very lonesome.

And I've realized how this changed me.
I've become opaque, off-center, out of focus, gray and quieter. I don't talk to people the same way I used to do. And it seems that I stopped being friends with some people, and I really regret how that has turned out to be. It's just not fair how I've ended up treating people. They deserve more of me as a friend!
I'm not really happy with how my life is right this instant.

But it doesn't mean I'm going to stay like this forever.
Back then I could feel the potential of all my decisions. I could feel the future bending on my fingertips from the very mere change of mind. I could feel the electricity in the air from just being alive and having the ability at hand of being able to shape my future however I wanted.

And the ability is still there, all intact and perfectly functional.
But my senses are damped, I cannot feel it anymore. I cannot feel that sharpness in the air that gave me goosebumps and chills, and opened my eyes to all the endless possibilities ahead of me.
And it saddens me.

I might be a bit depressed, but it ain't anything too serious. I hope.
Just gotta keep carrying on, keep going 'til the show's over. This is just a little trough in my life-plane.
Winter's over, and spring is here, with summer on it's way.

Hey, you know what, fuck that shit, all of it. I ain't going to be restrained by the chains of my own moods. I ain't going to sit here just to contemplate and ponder on what could have been and didn't become true or real. I ain't going to let my own downwards inertia shut me into the darkness of my internal world, I've been there many times and it isn't pretty. It's time for me to come back!

I guess I've gotta apologize...

for breaking the sequence of my blog posting.

for being a douche bag to y'all.

You don't deserve to see the same fricken' page for months on end.
It's a nightmare, and it's boring, and I know. :( I'm kinda sad that some people, some of which who were periodic visitors, have stopped visiting. Fair enough. I would do the same thing to any other blog.

I've gotta start again.

No real problem, I guess.
It's just me again.

Hello! I'm back.

I ain't gone..


Sorry for disappearing.
Uni's got me busy and the best of me.
I shall be back at least every week.

Much love.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Digital Radio in Sydney

Well folks, these holidays aren't going any faster.
The days outside are cold and wet, meanwhile college is overrun by American tourists who have the interesting pattern of disappearing during the whole day and coming back to college at 2 AM after a time out in the city. And boy, they sure are loud.

My computer has a TV tuner, and so I am able to watch digital TV, which is slowly but progressively catching speed and becoming better and better. Many national broadcasters are now offering HD quality channels. And they bring out new channels quite often too, it's great to see how I'll be killing time these holidays.

But I do not fully endorse TV viewing, I actually enjoy radio a bit better than TV. And as per usual I tune in to SBS everyday to listen to the Spanish broadcast. It's great to listen to something in my native language often, for I really don't want to lose practice and appear as a total foreigner when I come back to visit.

But radio in Australia is changing as well. Not long ago, digital radio has been introduced to the market, and very quickly a lot of radio stations\ appeared or transferred to digital to offer quality broadcasts.

And one of them that has really captured my attention is SBS Chill, a digital exclusive broadcast featuring nothing else but great chill-out and world music. And one time I even heard a bit of Latin Drum 'n Bass. How awesome is that? It really makes my day. I haven't enjoyed listening to a radio station in such a manner since Radio Bondi FM was good. Sadly, I don't have a digital radio (as of yet), but I can still tune in through the website. And what is good is that the broadcast does not rip a large chunk off of my bandwidth and yet still have a sound quality a bit superior to a 128 kbits MP3.

I really enjoy it. Check the SBS Chill site to have a taste of it. Good times.

Keep on chillin'

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bokeh studies

It's been a while since I last blogged. I'm on holidays now, so I've been busy on a few things. I really want to take more pictures though.. here are a few that I took on a night in the city.

Bokeh 07

Bokeh 02

Bokeh 03

Bokeh 04

Bokeh 06

Monday, June 14, 2010


The end-of-semester examinations are here...
I'm getting to the point that I will freak out.
But I'm sure that at least I'll pass everything.

So I won't be on during this week.

It's sooo bad and unfortunate that we've started tests right when the World Cup begins. It's been quite good so far however, I'm really looking forward to see how North Korea competes against the big guns Brazil and Portugal. And I hope Mexico can at least pass onto the next phase.

See you soon in a bit.